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Guardado's serves up authentic, flavorful dishes from Spain and Latin America, in a casual and inviting atmosphere, in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland.


Chef Nicolas Guardado and his wife Reyna opened Guardado's Restaurant in 2007. Guardado brought with him a wealth of experience, rising quickly through the ranks at local area tapas restaurant Jaleo to become a seasoned head chef.

Now, he is infusing that knowledge into his own restaurant, as well as adding some popular Latin American entrees and some traditional dishes from his native Salvadorean background to Guardado's extensive menu.


The menu ranges from robust entrees to tasty tapas to delectable desserts. Notable recommendations include Gambas al Ajillo, Papas Fritas, Pimientos del Piquillo, Tilapia y Camarones, and Paella Valenciana, to name only a few.

Chef Nicolas Guardado and Reyna Guardado

People Recommend Guardado's

"Guardado's kitchen knows its stuff. All our tapas, arriving in twos and threes, are admirable. Gambas al ajillo (shrimp sautéed with garlic) are a perennial favorite, but we choose to kick it up a notch with chorizo (Spanish sausage), chopped tomato and thyme accenting the shrimp."

"From a former Jaleo chef, this restaurant cooks up Spanish paella, Latin American tapas and plenty of spice...This is my idea of a tapa: a curl of lobster tail and a pristinely shucked claw lounging on a ramekin-size divan of lobster custard. Turn me over, as Saint Lawrence would say, I'm done."


"Crisp potatoes smothered in a tangy tomato aïoli. Wilted spinach perked up with pine nuts and raisins. A crock of sautéed mushrooms with a scent of sherry that hits you before the dish reaches the table."


"The food is fantastic. Offering a selection of traditional Spanish tapas and Latin American antojitos, all executed brilliantly." – June 16, 2008

Chef Nicolas Guardado
Chef Nicolas Guardado


"In class, with his black hair tucked inside his Jaleo baseball cap, only his calm and his quiet confidence give Guardado away as the kitchen veteran that he is. But watching him with his classmates, who come from all over Latin America—looking over their shoulders to make sure they are stirring their risotto, holding their knives properly, or using a clean cutting board—it would be easy to mistake him for their teacher. He laughs when he hears this." - October, 2003

Recipe for Gambas con Chorizo

Chef Guardado was featured on "What's Cooking?" a segment on WTTG-FOX 5 DC Television's News at Noon.

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